Counseling Sessions – A therapeutic relationship focused on healing and/or development of an individual, couple or family. Counseling begins with a 50 or 75 minute paid intake session where both client and therapist discuss the nature of the issues bringing someone in for therapy, assessment of the individual or group, and space for questions. Treatment then begins after the intake with any necessary additional assessments and treatment goal setting. Counseling often focuses on changing relational patterns, healing from the impacts of trauma and often includes a mental health diagnosis.

  • Individual Sessions (50 minutes) – $160
  • Individual Sessions (80 minutes) – $210
  • Couples or Family Sessions (50 minutes)- $180
  • Couples or Family Sessions (80 minutes) – $230

Consultations – I offer therapy, parenting and pre-marriage consultations. A consultation is a session or group of sessions focused on seeking guidance or support related to parenting issues or preparing for marriage, or to gather information about a therapist and learn about therapy. Consultations differ from therapy in that there is not a focus on changing relational patterns or mental health diagnosis, but gaining tools, getting support learning psychological principles around parenting and marriage or seeing if the therapist is a fit for you.

  • Therapy Consultation (20 minutes) – $0
    • Meet the therapist, ask questions, share your hopes for therapy and learn about how therapy works
  • Parenting Sessions with 1 or 2 parents present (80 minutes) – $225
    • 5 Session Consultation (90 minutes each) – $1000 (pre-pay)
  • Pre-Marriage Consultations (80 minutes with both parties) – $225
    • Pre-marriage sessions include an initial SYMBIS assessment

Insurance – We do not currently accept insurance but will gladly provide the necessary paperwork for you to submit a claim for out-of-network reimbursement from your health insurance provider. Most patients receive at least some out-of-network reimbursement from their health insurance provider, but it is important to contact your provider to verify your plan. We will also be happy to discuss the pros and cons of billing your insurance company for mental health counseling. 

Cancelation Fee – Full payment will be expected if you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled session, with the exception of illness or emergency.